Journal Articles


(23) Mogas-Soldevila, L., Duro-Royo, J., Lizardo, D., Weaver, J., Overvelde, J.T.B., DiMaski, E., Bertoldi, K., Oxman, N., Fabrication-informed Multi-functional Anisotropy across Length Scales. Submitted.

(22) Oliveri, G., Van Laake, L.C., Carissimo, C., Miette, C., Overvelde, J.T.B., Decentralized reinforced learning in soft robotic matter. Submitted.


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(19) Iniguez-Rabago, A., Li, Y., Overvelde, J.T.B., (2019). Exploring Multistability in Prismatic Metamaterials through Local Actuation. Nature Communications. [AMOLF News] [Scientific American] [web]

(18) Overvelde, J.T.B., (2019). How to print multi-material devices in one go. Nature, 575, 289-290. [web] [podcast] Invited News & Views article for the Nature article of Skylar-Scott et al. [web]

(17) Vasios, N., Gross, A. J., Soifer, S., Overvelde, J. T. B.,* Bertoldi, K.,* (2019). Harnessing Viscous Flow to Simplify the Actuation of Fluidic Soft Robots. Soft Robotics. [Harvard News] [web] [pdf]

(16) Mulla, Y., Oliveri, G., Overvelde, J. T. B., Koenderink, G. H., (2018). Crack initiation in viscoelastic materials. PRL. [web][pdf]

(15) Overvelde, J. T. B., Weaver, J., Hoberman, C., Bertoldi, K., (2017). Rational Design of Reconfigurable Prismatic Architected Materials. Nature. [De Volkskrant] [De Volkskrant online] [News & Views in Nature] [Nova Next] [Harvard News] [web] [pdf]

*equal contribution

Book Chapters

(1) Overvelde, J. T. B., Weaver, J., Hoberman, C., Bertoldi, K., Reconfigurable Prismatic Architected Materials. Active Matter. Ed. Tibbits, S. Cambridge, 2017. 270-286. [web]


(2) Bertoldi, K., Overvelde, J. T. B., Kloek, T., (2017) Amplifying the Response of Soft Fluidic Actuators By Harnessing Snap-through Instabilities. US Patent Application, US20170234337A1. [web]

(1) Bartlett, N., Weaver, J. C., Tolley, M. T., Wood, R. J., Overvelde, J. T. B., Bertoldi, K., (2016). 3D Printed Hybrid robot. Worldwide Patent Application, WO2017058334A9. [web]

Conference Proceedings and Other Journals

(2) Overvelde, J. T. B., (2018) Programeerbare Metamaterialen. NTvN, 243-245.

(1) Abramovic, V., Glynn, R., Overvelde, J. T. B., (2018) Edge of Chaos: Towards intelligent architecture through distributed control systems based on Cellular Automata. ACADIA conf. proc.

Documentaries, Exhibitions and Workshops

See also the website of Studio Overvelde.

(8) "Designing with Mathemagic" (Feb 2020), workshop at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, Amsterdam NL.

(7) “Bouw een wiskundige figuur” (Feb 2019), workshop and exhibit at NEMO, Amsterdam NL.

(6) "RainMaker" (Sep 2018), exhibition at FabLearn and Maker Faire, Eindhoven NL. Winner of the Maker of Merit Award.

(5) "Frankie - The artificial starfish" (Mar 2018 - Oct 2018), exhibition at Rijksmuseum Boerhaave, Leiden NL.

(4) "Edge of Chaos" (Dec 2017 - Jan 2019), exhibition on world tour at (WoeLab in Lomé TG, La Gaîté Lyrique in Paris FR; Cinekid in Amsterdam NL; KIKK Festival in Namur BE).

Selected Media Coverage

(52) Dijk, Pancras. (2020) "Als ideeën beginnen te stromen." De Ingenieur 12 November. [web] [web]

(51) Delbert, Caroline. (2020) "Morphing Materials." Scientific American April issue. [web]

(50) Mandemaker, Arnold. (2020) “Robothart moet levens redden.” Eindhovens Dagblad 4 February. [web]

(49) Burgess, Kaya. (2020) “Beat that: robotic heart aims to win competition for £30m grant.” The Times 23 January. [pdf] [web]

(48) Bawden, Tom. (2020) “Revolutionary wireless ‘hybrid heart’ prototype for humans could be ready by 2028.” The I 23 January. [pdf] [web]

(47) Bagot, Martin. (2020) “World’s first totally robotic heart will end need for transplants in 10 years.” The Mirror 23 January. [pdf] [web]

(46) Knapton, Sarah. (2020) “Robo-heart could solve organ transplant crisis.” The Telegraph 23 January. [pdf] [web]

Invited Talks PI

(49) Rational design of reconfigurable and multistable metamaterials, INM virtual mini-symposium, online (GE)

(48) Continuous learning of emergent behavior in robotic matter (2020), Robosoft, online (US)

(47) Adaptive behavior through decentralized learning in soft robotic matter (2020), Living Machines Conference, online (GE)

(46) Soft Robots (2019), Topics in IC, Utrecht (NL)

(45) Origami-inspired Mechanical Metamaterials (2019), FlexMOF, Dresden (GE)

(44) Soft Robotic Matter (2019), ICMS, Eindhoven (NL)

(43) Embedded Control of Soft Robots (2019), General Physics Colloquium, Groningen (NL)

(42) Embedded Control of Soft Robots (2019), ESA, Noordwijk (NL)

Conferences and Colloquia

(45) Van Laake, L., Malek Kani, S., Overvelde, J.T.B., (2020). Programming Soft Robots Using Non-linear Fluidic Circuits. Physics@Veldhoven. Veldhoven, NL. Poster.

(44) Iniguez-Rabago, A., Milleret, A., Overvelde, J.T.B., (2020). Towards Origami Tessellations with Bistable Folds. Gordon Conference - Multifunctional Materials and Structures. Ventura, USA. Poster.

(43) Oliveri, G., Van Laake, L.Carissimo, C., Miette, C., Overvelde, J. T. B., (2020). Decentralized Reinforced Learning of Emergent Behavior in Robotic Matter. Gordon Conference - Multifunctional Materials and Structures, VenturaA USA. Poster.

(42) Oliveri, G., Overvelde, J. T. B., (2020). Inverse Design of Mechanical Metamaterials that Undergo Buckling. Gordon Conference - Multifunctional Materials and Structures, Ventura, USA. Poster.

(41) Van Laake, L., Malek Kani, S., Overvelde, J.T.B., (2020). Programming Soft Robots Using Non-linear Fluidic Circuits. Gordon Conference - Robotics. Ventura, USA. Poster.


Overvelde, J.T.B., (2016). Embracing Compliance and Instabilities to Achieve Function in Mechanical Metamaterials and Devices. PhD Dissertation - Harvard University. [pdf]

Overvelde, J.T.B., (2012). The Moving Node Approach in Topology Optimization - An Exploration to a Flow-inspired Meshless Method-based Topology Optimization Method. Master's Thesis - Delft University of Technology. [pdf]